The Bank of Ghana (BoG) says it has successfully introduced into circulation the upgraded Ghana cedi notes.

“The Bank of Ghana has successfully introduced into circulation upgrades to the existing family of banknotes with effect from Monday, 6th May 2019,” a statement from BoG on Tuesday said. 

The statement added, “These exclude the GH¢2.00 and GH¢5.00 notes, which were introduced as standalone commemorative banknotes. In line with international best practice, commemorative banknotes are not subject to upgrades.”

Parts of the improved features include:
– An optically variable magnetic image, also known as “SPARK LIVE.” The enhancement is a glossy, colour-changing image of the cowrie shell currently on the GH¢10. On the GH¢20 note, a shiny star will appear, and on GH¢50, a glistening cocoa pod. When the note is tilted, a high-polished line will stretch across each image that will move up and down and change colour from gold to green.

– A new security thread (RAPID) will be an illuminated broken line that runs horizontally through the note. When tilted, the star will expand and contract while the denomination value stays in place. 

A more prominent watermark will appear. It will be the image of the Ghanaian agriculturalist Tetteh Quarshie and a cocoa pod. Against light, the watermark will appear transparently on both sides of the note.
– A polished gold band with gold bars on the back will be printed on the new banknotes. The iridescent band will stretch from top to bottom and will become visible when held against light.

But with all the changes, the following features will remain the same:
– The Big Six portrait
– Denominational colours
– Dimensions of the various denominations
– Other principal and background images