Dr (Mrs) Beatrice Wiafe-Addai, Specialist in Breast Pathology has observed that increase in breast cancer occurrence among women in the country was due to ignorance, illiteracy and poverty.

She noted that most women had varied impressions on the causes of the disease that had created myths around it and therefore failed to appreciate that the disease could be treated when detected early.

Dr Wiafe-Addai made the observation during a fund-raising for Joyce Tamakloe Memorial Cancer Foundation in Accra.

The foundation was established in 2005 to create awareness on the prevalence of breast cancer among Ghanaian women and provide information on methods of prevention and treatment.

Dr Wiafe-Addai called for concerted efforts by stakeholders, cooperate bodies, companies, institutions and individuals to participate in awareness creation about the disease, adding ” the creation of awareness alone could reduce the mortality and morbidity rate by 20-50 per cent”.

She explained that the disease was not painful and affected patients could have it for long periods without notice.

Dr Wiafe-Addai, who is also a General Surgeon and Executive Director of Peace and Love Hospital in Oduom, Kumasi said cure for the disease was expensive and most patients could not afford but knowledge about it could assist to save many lives when detected early.

She advised women above 40 years to undertake annual mammogram to aid in detecting any latent pathology

A free screening for women was organised by Breast Care International, an NGO for Breast Cancer Awareness as part of the fund-raising.

Source: GNA


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