Women with suspected cases of breast cancer have been urged not to resort to herbal treatment but to promptly report the condition to hospitals first, for diagnosis and treatment.

President of Breast Care International (BCI), Dr Beatrice Wiafe Addai gave the advice during the maiden breast cancer screening at Akwatia in the Eastern region.

She also encouraged religious leaders and traditional herbal medicine practitioners to join the campaign against breast cancer by referring women who report to them with suspected cases to hospitals rather.

Dr Wiafe who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Peace and Love Hospitals bemoaned the use of herbal concoctions and prayer camps by some patients which most a times lead to their death.

Though she did not discount the power of prayer, the breast surgeon said prayer is rather complementary to orthodox medical treatment.

Citing personal experiences and hospital records to buttress her point, Dr Wiafe said if herbalists and religious leaders assist in this direction, many patients would be saved from needless emotional and financial challenges, and in some extreme cases, death.

“We are encouraging patients and relatives to see hospitals as the first point of call in all cases of breast cancer. As has been the practice, relatives rather rush to hospitals after failed attempts elsewhere, burdening hospitals with complications and expecting miracles overnight,” she said.

“It is about time education was intensified for the understanding of the public that breast cancer cannot be treated through any means apart from orthodox medicine” she added.

The screening at the Akwatia Bethel Presbyterian Church was highly patronized, with breast cancer survivors sharing personal experiences of how they have survived the disease and remained healthy and productive, years after treatment.

The leader of the Akwatia Bethel Presbyterian women’s association, Madam Agnes Akwa, was full of praise for the selfless work of BCI and associated herself with the pre-screening education by Dr Wiafe.

She said to the extent that women should regularly carry out their own breast self-examination and promptly report any abnormality in the breast first to the hospital for treatment, insisting, early detection, and prompt action, is equal to prevention.

The congregation was also screened for hypertension and diabetes.

The BCI team took the opportunity to create awareness about some non-communicable diseases and the need for people to go for a regular medical check-up.


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