The late General Edjeani-Afenu was born on March 5, 1960, at Vane Avatime, Volta Region.

Before enlisting for military service, she attended Wesley Girls High School for the General Certificates of Education (Ordinary and Advanced Levels) from 1971 to 1978 before enlisting for military service.

She had her officer cadet training at the Ghana Military Academy (MATS), Teshie from November 1978 to April 1980 and was commissioned on 25 April 1980 into the Ghana Army as part of Regular Career Course Intake 21.

On commission, she was first posted to the then Border Guards Unit. She served the colours for 42 years.

These years of service were a mix of career progression training courses, refresher training and civil education, diverse staff and command appointments across the GAF and civil institutions including the United Nations Organisation.

Funeral Arrangements are as follows;

Funeral Service: Friday, March 25, 2022, Garrison Methodist/Presby Church, Burma Camp at 8.30 am

Filing Past: 6.30 – 8.30 am

Interment: Military Cemetery, Burma Camp

Funeral Rites: Arakan Officers Mess, Burma Camp after burial service

Thanksgiving Service: Sunday, March 27, 2022, at Perez Chapel International, Dzorwulu Junction, Accra-at 9.00 am

Dress code: Friday, March 25 – black and Sunday, March 27 mash black and white

Widower: Frederick Afenu

Children: Ivan Elom Afenu, Carl Sena Afenu & Vanessa Dzifa Afens

Mother: Mrs, Alice Grette Kwawu-Edzeani

Brother and Sisters: Esther Happy Edjeani, Prospero Edjeani. Enyo Edjeani-Haizel & Akofa Edjeani

Son-in-law:Kofi Koduah Sarpong

Grandchildren: Nana Ama and Yaw Koduah-Sarpong


Wilson Edreani & S. Mad. Grace Ediani & Sib Cephas Atreku & Sibs, Longman Atakumah & Sabs Stephen Dados & Sibe, Mad. Agnes Kpurha Daradosi & Sibe, Nelson Edamni & Sib Fred Addu & Sibs, Ellison Derado & Sibe, Robert Adsotor & Sib Ben Baku & Sih, Anna Adaptor & Sibe. Mercy Adantur & Sir, Flor ence Adzator & Sib Richard Edreani & Sibs, Ellison Dazadosi & Sils, Nat Deradosi & Sibs, Samuel Tweyi & Sibe, Samuel Ad der Nortey & Sibs, Peace Narley & Sibs, Banister Aktia & Sib Frank Dameka & Sibs, Emmanuel Dameku & Sim Geiffrey Nyarke & Sibe, Edith Dolomi & Sibe, Charles Kwawu & Sibs, El. Sena Kwawu: David Atuwo & Sibe.

Nieces and Nephews

Bright Duobing & Bros Sumuel Odure Ad jei Ternam Anks & Sis Lisa Edjoani Brow & Sis Fali & Nana Yaw Edjeni-Axiedu: Selorm Edjani Tanye Kuline Winnie & Edwin Edjeani.

Chief Mourners

Mr. Daniel Akortia of Loghn Tota; Mr Victor Kwawu of Avatime Ghademe Air Vice Marshal Maxwell Nagai; former Chief of Air Staff, Beig Gen A. Amedoh (Rtd); Brig Gen Nyumekye Yeboah (Hr), Ghana Military Academy Intake XXI.

Dr. Mama Dan National President Aglow International, Mrs Gifty Afenyi-Dulzie, National Prayer Director Agline International, Dr. KK Sarpong CEO GNPC, DSP Cephas Edreani, Mr. Senyo Ka sinam-Head of Kanisamil Adsoter Family of Avatime Vane. Ben Ba ku Head of Baku Tseys Family of Avatime Vane Richard Alena of Denker Kuita: Mr. Samuel Kwawa of Akropong, all Elders of Ara Clan Avatime Ghadeeme. Mr. Buatai family of Avatime Ghadame. Mr. George Ameke Borbor Head of Borbor Family, Charles Amenigye Head of Amenigye/Hodeme/Bechini Families, Andrews Ada Head of Nyarko Adza Families: Congregation Peres Chapel Internation al-Dorwals Junction.