Asantehe Otumfuo Osei Tutu the Second at the Commemorative Gold Coin EVENT

The Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has admonished government to be humble and embrace useful inputs from stakeholders into the 2022 Budget.

“We elect people to represent us to make sure there is some equilibrium in what governments do. It is to our good that our representatives in Parliament subject the national budget to the most vigorous scrutiny and to call for changes.

Government must always have humility to acknowledge and embrace useful inputs from all sources. But our representatives need also to bear in mind that it is not their role that either determine policy for the Executive or to frustrate them from performing the legitimate duties.”

“The good thing about democracy is that the people listen, observe and weigh what the leaders do over time and pass their judgement at the appropriate time.

So the parliamentary representatives can be assured that their contributions in the house is not wasted. The people have noted them and no doubt, they will reflect on them when the time comes to determine the next phase in our governing processes.”

Budget 2022: Be humble to acknowledge useful inputs from all sources, Asantehene tells government

He said this during the launch of a commemorative gold coin in his name for his peace building endeavors, including the decades-long Dagbon crisis and election mediations.

The 24 carat coin, according to government, is an initiative to also promote value addition to Ghana’s gold minerals locally.

The event brought together about 600 high profile persons from every sphere of Ghana’s gold and natural resource economy.

The commemorative gold coin is meant to celebrate the Asantehene as the pillar of peace in the country.

Organizers say the move is to acknowledge him for his role played in ending what was a decade-old chieftaincy dispute.

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