Travelling on bad roads can be terrible, especially on long-distance journeys.

Having a powerful car that can drive on difficult terrains with ease is the preferred choice. However, this option usually comes at a high cost and is often the preserve of the rich and wealthy.

But what if you got this luxury at an economical price? Well, that’s what the all-new Changan Hunter pick-up truck presents to its patrons.

The Brand Manager of Changan, Manish Dayarnani at the launch of the Hunter pick-up truck gave details of the first-ever pick-up by the Chinese automobile giant.

He said: ‘Hunter pick-up is jointly developed by Changan and PSA; PSA’s prospective pioneering advantages in modelling is integrated with international trend to create Changan fashionable and technically a global pickup”.

Changan pick-up truck is available in 1.9 Turbo Diesel engine with 110KW and 150 BHP Double cabin with two model variants; Luxury and Distinguished.

Standard options include driver assistance systems i.e Hill Hold assist, Hill Descent Control, ESP, TCS, ABS while comfort features include 17 inch alloy wheel, a rearview camera with 4 parking radars, high-grade microfibre leather interior,

Bluetooth, cruise control, etc. and accessories included are side steps, bed lining, cargo hooks, rear cargo protection bull bar, front underguard which are normally optional features in other pickups in the market.

The Hunter pick-up truck has industry-leading approach angle/departure angle (29/27 degree), industry-leading minimum ground clearance (231mm) and dynamic wading depth (700mm) making it ideal for excellent off-road performance’.

Changan Automobile launches state-of-the-art pick-up trucks

He explained that the vehicles had been designed with the Ghanaian road in mind.

‘The new Hunter pickup is best suitable for the Ghanaian roads. Its modern design blends seamlessly with the chassis of the pick-up, delivering a sense of harmony and strength that customers will also feel when they take the wheel.

With its towing capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes, customers will be able to transport everything they need to meet their objectives. It also has 80L large fuel tank with fuel consumption as low as 8.2L/100km.

Changan Chile

The Sales and Marketing Manager, Kwaku Sintim Boamah added: “This is the first time a pick-up has been given 5 year warranty. We are sure of the quality of the product and that is why we are offering all these things.”

He also mentioned that “the pick up comes in two trims, a lower one and a higher one. The lower one doesn’t mean it is basic. Most things are standard but the Distinguished comes with extra and also there is a price difference between the two. It doesn’t mean one is for commercial and one is for private use. We have made one advanced than the other in terms of features”.

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