Chaos erupted at a press conference organised by the People’s National Convention (PNC) at its headquarters in Abavana, Accra, Wednesday.

Executives were at loggerheads over the current status of the party’s General Secretary, Janet Asana Nabla.

PNC’s Greater Accra Regional Chairman, Bala Maikankan stormed an ongoing press conference to demand an explanation regarding the General Secretary’s suspension.

This was met with heated exchanges among party officials who were not enthused about the situation.

“Janet is also coming to deliver everything you need, it’s simple,” Mr Maikankan is heard saying in a video footage.

The development has raised concerns of internal party wrangling which surfaced in the last few weeks.

On August 28, the PNC Chairman announced the suspension of Mrs Nabla for some alleged acts of misconduct found not to be in the party’s interest.

But this decision has been challenged by Janet Nabla and other top executives of the party.

In an August 29 response, Mrs Nabla insisted that the move forms part of an attempt by the National Chairman, Moses Dani Baah, and Leader, David Apasera to cover up some shady dealings in the party.

“It is on record that, the hardworking General Secretary has on countless occasions complained about how the Leader and the Chairman misappropriated the party’s funds to the tune of GH₵1.7 million during the 2020 elections,” she said.

She also asserted that the suspension is null and void because the supposed August 28 meeting “fell short of forming a quorum in line with Article 45 (3) of the PNC’s constitution which requires nine (9) out of sixteen (16) regional chairmen of the party to be present.”

These among other matters arising, were expected to be addressed at the latest press conference which also had the PNC’s Election 2020 Presidential Candidate, David Apasera, and the Party Chairman in attendance.

It took the intervention of the Police to prevent today’s confrontation from degenerating into fisticuffs.

The meeting is now being held behind closed doors after the PNC Greater Accra Regional Chairman was escorted out by the Police.

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