The paramount Chief of Domeabra, Nana Baffour O. Bediako has commended Vodafone Ghana Foundation for its continual interventions to ensure accessibility and quality healthcare delivery for marginalised communities across the country.

Nana Bediako made these remarks when the Foundation organised a free health screening exercise as part of its Healthfest initiative for the people of Domeabra at Asante Akim, Agogo in the Ashanti region.

The exercise was superintended by a team of medical experts who conducted free consultancy and screening for various ailments including diabetes, anaemia, hepatitis B, prostate cancer, malaria, eye defects, and others.

The team also offered free treatment for the various ailments that were identified. Over 500 residents were also registered onto the National Health Insurance Scheme free of charge to enable them access various healthcare facilities subsequently.

Speaking at the event, Nana Baffour O. Bediako, was full of appreciation to Vodafone Ghana Foundation and their partners for the kind gesture.

He stated, “It is widely known that regular check-ups have several advantages; it can help find potential health issues before they become a problem and is critical in detecting potentially harmful conditions or diseases early thereby enabling quick treatment to avert disaster.

“In light of this, having Vodafone Ghana Foundation here with free screening, free medicines, free health advice, free registration of NHIS card, and free NHIS card renewals is simply amazing. We can’t thank them enough!”.

He further called on other corporate institution to emulate Vodafone Ghana Foundation to help improve health delivery in the country.

Commenting, Vodafone Ghana Foundation Lead, Rev. Nana Amaris Perbi, reiterated that the Healthfest initiative is aimed at providing marginalised communities with free access to medical care.

He explained that to make this screening impactful, the Foundation has partnered the Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service and the Ghana Ambulance Service as well as  District hospitals and NGOs.

He added that Vodafone’s Healthline Call Centre is also open daily from 8 am to 8 pm as an alternative and convenient health consultancy platform manned by over fifty qualified medical doctors and can be accessed for free by simply dialing 255 from any Vodafone number.

Healthfest is a free community-based screening exercise which Vodafone Ghana foundation brings to the doorsteps of communities.

The team of medical staff move from one region to the other, giving hope to countless community members who cannot afford the services of a doctor.

The members of the communities are attended to by qualified doctors and nurses. They are screened thoroughly and given medication where applicable.

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