The ball is now in the court of President John Mahama to either dismiss the Commissioner of Human Rights and Administrative Justice Ms Lauretta Lamptey or announce her return to duty after almost eight months of suspension.

The Lawyer who is seeking the removal of the Commissioner over alleged cases of misconduct told Joy News after months of hectic sittings, examination and cross examination of evidence and witnesses before a committee, his job is done and president has a "simple" mandate to act.

Samson Lardy Anyenini's comments come hours after the Committee investigating the case of misconduct against Lauretta Lamptey submitted its findings to the Chief Justice, Wednesday.

The findings have since been forwarded to the president in accordance with the constitution.

Anyenini said he does not know the content of the recommendations yet but believes in the strength of his case.

He added it should not take more than a week for President Mahama to announce the decision reached by the committee.

"The committee would have spelt out its recommendations, all that the president has to do is to act," he said, adding the president would only read out the recommendations.

Ms Lauretta Lamptey is accused of misconduct and abuse of office when she caused a sum of over $4,500 to be paid every month for 33 months as hotel bills.

She had been staying in the hotel because her official residential facility was under some renovation with over ¢180,000 said to have been expended in the renovation.

Critics did not understand how a Commission crippling under serious budget constraints would spend all that money to house the Commissioner.

Even Lauretta Lamptey had complained about how the Commission was unable to carry out its investigative function because of the paucity of funds.

Her conduct was questioned severally by civil society organisations, legal practitioners and politicians.

Scores of petitions were sent to the Chief Justice but only one – that submitted by Samson Lardy Anyenini on behalf of Richard Nyama – prevailed.

Based on that petition, a prima facie case of misconduct was established against Lauretta Lamptey and was asked to step aside until after investigations have been conducted.

After almost nine months, the investigations have been concluded and the parties now await the president to act.