The Attention Of The Concerned Clergy Association Of Ghana Has been drawn to a statement on European Union In Ghana’s Facebook Page Posted On Tuesday 16th February 2021 in which they were celebrating the opening of an LGBTQ administrative office in Ghana.

In it they expressed their continued support to the activities of the LGBTQ in Ghana.

As much as we appreciate the many years of friendship with EU our sovereignty and pride will not be sacrificed on the altar of that friendship.

The EU has no right to interfere or try to change our laws and foster on us a practice that is against our existence as a people.

They must be told that we are no more in the era of Master Servant relationship, we in Africa may not have the kinds of leaders we desire yet but we the people are very much alive to our God and beliefs as a people.

It is Surprising that in the midst of Global pandemic this is what the EU sees as a priority to be promoting.

Homosexuality is still a crime in our Law books and any attempt to promote it is a criminal offense, what the EU led by the Australian High Commissioner did by helping to open an LGBTQ administrative office in Accra was a blatant disregard for the Laws, cultural and societal values of The People of Ghana and must be condemned in all its entirety by the The people, Government and Foreign Ministry of Ghana.

We have taken notice of the Foreign Minister designate, Gender Minister Designate and other individuals in Government statements to the effect that they do not support that act what we need now is a clear and unambiguous statement from the Government to send a clear message to the EU that we will not tolerate Diplomatic lawlessness in Ghana just as all the previous governments did when they came under this bullying tactics of the EU.

As a Clergy Body we see this as an evil attempt to legalize a behavior which is a threat to our youth and the family system we had cherished for centuries and has defined our existence.

This promotion of evil under the guise of Human rights is unacceptable and must be rejected by all. We cannot celebrate love by promoting an act that is Against Gods word and the very existence of Humanity.

God Bless Ghana And Make It Better And Stronger.