The Chairman of Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee says nothing bars the Electoral Commission (EC) from correcting administrative errors in the declaration of results.

Ben Abdallah Bandah Bandah dismissed claims that it’s unlawful for the EC to update figures it announces as election results.

“We are all working with C.I.127 which says that declaration must be done by the Chairperson of the EC but it doesn’t forbid the EC if she has honestly detected an error and comes back to correct it,” he told Joy News.

On the other hand, outgoing MP for Keta Richard Quashigah stated that “If a result was announced and then you [EC] come back to talk about corrections, I don’t think our laws permit that. This abysmal behaviour that has been exhibited undermines the whole process.”

However, Mr. Abdallah was emphatic that the correction, in any case, does not detract the fact that the President-elect has won more than 50+1 votes.