The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Shi Ting Wang says claims by some Ghanaian students locked up in the coronavirus (COVID-19) epicenter, Wuhan that they’re without food, water and other essentials cannot be true.

At a news conference Thursday, he said the Chinese government has put in place adequate measures to ensure essential resources are provided to every foreign student, including Ghanaians.

President Akufo-Addo during the 2020 State of The Nation Address told parliament that government had not ruled out evacuating Ghanaian students in China amid the coronavirus situation.

The President said the advice at the moment, is to contain the virus at its epicentre Wuhan in China, adding that if it becomes necessary to evacuate Ghanaian students there, it would be done.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Shi Ting Wang has been disputing claims by some students that they are stranded.

“We keep checking. There are 151 Ghanaian students in the city and the Chinese officials are assisting them. I was told on the media that some of them are starving. We have requested for the contact of the people said to be starving to make sure that they are attended to. But nobody gave us any. There may be one or two special cases, but that doesn’t represent the general number,” said Wang.

Shi Ting Wang also explained explains the measures at the various universities to aid students who may be worried about their safety.

“Authorities in Hubei province and universities are working hard to keep the students safe. The University keeps doing routine inspections and monitoring of temperature on a daily basis. The Chinese municipal government has published a 24-hour English speaking services hotline for foreign students.”

He also revealed that “If any student feels unwell, the local government will respond immediately to provide medical treatment in time.”

According to Mr Wang, the Chinese Embassy working closely with Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration to see to the protection of the Ghanaians’ living in China.

Mainland China had 118 new deaths from the coronavirus outbreak by the end of Thursday, the country’s national health commission reported on Friday, pushing the number of deaths nationwide to at least 2,236.