The Wa High Court has granted bail to former Manager of Wa All Stars, Abdul Rahman Yunusah, to the tune of ¢80,000 with three sureties, one to be justified.

The accused is also to deposit his international travelling passport to the court and report to the police once every week between 10 am and 4 pm.

Abdul Rahman Yunusah has been charged with two counts of murder and three counts of use of offensive weapons.

The 61-year-old former manager of Wa All Stars was remanded into police custody on three occasions by the Wa Magistrate to enable the police to complete their investigations.

Abdul Rahman Yunusah is facing trial for the murder of a 64-year-old lecturer of Dr Hilla Liman Technical University, Stephen Langton Mane, on March 17, 2022, over an alleged family land dispute in Wa.

Prosecuting State Attorney, Saeed Abdul Shakur, explained that a bail application was served on the attorney general’s office by lawyers for the accused; however, it was opposed.

Court grants 80k bail to former Wa All Stars manager
Prosecuting State Attorney, Saeed Abdul Shakur

He said they opposed the bail application because their witnesses would not be safer if the accused were to have his freedom, stressing that the accused will interfere with the witnesses.

The court, however, disagreed with his argument and granted the accused bail due to his age, ill-health and business.

Meanwhile, the family of the late former lecturer of the Dr Hilla Liman technical university, who was in court wearing red T-Shirts with the bold inscription, justice for Mane, were not pleased with the court’s decision to grant bail to the suspect.

Court grants 80k bail to former Wa All Stars manager

According to the family’s spokesperson, Jonas Dery Zaato, though they agree that all offences in the country are bailable, the reasons adduced by the court to grant the suspect bail were untenable.

Court grants 80k bail to former Wa All Stars manager
Spokesperson of the family, Jonas Dery Zaato

“We believe that finally, we are not going to get justice in this case; the way and manner this case has just begun, we are likely not going to get justice.

“We are calling on the attorney general to look into the ruling of the High Court and seek an appeal. But unfortunately, he was slapped with ¢80,000. The ¢80,000 we believe cannot buy the life of our dearest father,” he stated.