Over 700 outgrower farmers from six zones in 60 communities in the Western Region have received Covid-19 relief items from B-BOVID, a leading agribusiness and social enterprise company at a brief ceremony in Takoradi in the Western Region.

The items were presented to the farmers by the Chief Executive Officer of B-BOVID, lssa Quedraogo at the company’s premises near in Takoradi.
The items include machetes, Wellington boots, new and improved varieties of maize, pepper and garden eggs seeds.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Issa Quedraogo said B-BOVID in partnership with AgDevco’s Smallholder Department Unit (SDU) decided to support the farmers as part of efforts to help alleviate the negative impact of Covid-19 on their farming activities.

Covid-19: 700 farmers benefit from B-BOVID's relief package

He noted that B-BOVID is supporting the out-growers to engage in alternate livelihoods in order to benefit from multiple revenue streams as part of the company’s Covd-19 recovery relief package.

He said as part of the strategy, B-BOVID is embarking on a program to find and create new markets and products for its outgrowers to promote diversity, economic reliance and sustainability.

Speaking on behalf of the farmers, Sofohene Ango, one of the leaders of the group thanked B-BOVID for its continuous support for the farmers. He praised the company for its innovative, sustainable business model which has added significant value to their operations.

B-BOVID is a social enterprise agribusiness company that promotes a new model of socially inclusive commercial farming that combines innovative agricultural practices with ecological farming.

It promotes diverse land use as an alternative to monoculture and empowers smallholder farmers through capacity building and the provision of inputs thereby enhancing their livelihoods, while promoting agroforestry systems that mix staple and cash crops, thereby conserving and restoring the environment through biodiversity.

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