It is very difficult to keep pondering if a guy or a lady you like feels the same way. Irrespective of age, gender, status and religion it can be very worrisome.

There is a barrier that does not allow people to share or communicate their feelings to one another.

In Ghana, ladies are not encouraged to communicate their feelings to the opposite gender. Men find it difficult to tell share their emotions to ladies simply because they are shy, afraid or just do not have a good stand financially.

Crush detector: Easy ways to know if your crush feels the same way

Here are some easy and workable ways to break that barrier and know if your man or woman crush feels the same.

The ‘wink’ move

The wink move is the easiest way to find out if your crush could also be your ‘crusher’. The wink move is a basic flirtatious act.

To ensure its effectiveness. Gain the attention of your potential crush by staring. Do not stare so hard.

Once you capture his or her attention for about 3 seconds, execute the wink move.

If he or she winks in return, that seals the deal.

‘There is something on your face’ move

Most often, people do not enjoy or allow strangers to touch any part of their face.

This move is a bold one and if executed well could land you a date with your crush as soon as possible.

You need to explicitly him or her ‘there is something on your face’ while trying to take your hands to his or her face.

It is not a problem if there is nothing on his or her face. You could always say ‘I thought there was something on your face’ after touching his or her face.

If he or she likes you, he or she would permit and not stop you from taking whatever it is from his or her face.

Once you are successful to touch his or her face, be rest assured you have a ‘crusher’.

‘Open Up’ move

This move if unsuccessful could be devastating but if successful could land you to potential boyfriend or girlfriend.

Most often, couples show love by feeding each other. This act of love validates the emotions of your potential crusher.

Ensure that food you have can be placed well on a spoon or a fork to prevent falling.

Compliment the food before you say the phrase ‘open up’ to him or her. Complementing the food presents the atmosphere for you to want him or her try it out.

If you succeed in getting him or her to have a taste or bite, you can rest assured he or she has a crush on you.

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