The Leader and founder of the Great Consolidated Popular Party, Mr. Dan Lartey, has stated categorically that should the Electoral Commission try to expunge his party’s name from the electoral register, he would go to court.

I’ll go to court because the constitution does not say so. The constitution says they should shape the political way of the people and not to expunge the so-called dead parties. Is it their business if a political party is not functioning?”, Mr. Lartey quizzed.

The Daily Ghanaian Voice reports the GCPP leader as revealing in an interview on Thursday that it was about time people in authority knew that they are put at the helm of affairs to develop the country and not to do whatever suited them.

He contended that it was because the imperialists feared his Domestication concept, that was why they would adopt that means to kill his party, but was quick to add that, “They know that as for Dan Lartey, he would go to court so they dare not.”

Touching on other sensitive issues, the man behind GCPP unequivocally stated that, the real problem in the country now was that leaders of the nation did not go down to those at the grassroot to know their, problems.

Consequently, he explained, the nation was lying idle with no meaningful developmental programme.

He further intimated that the only solution to the aforementioned problem was his domestication concept, adding, “Our leaders seem not capable of knowing what to do and only resort to foreign support.”

Mr. Dan Lartey who seems sure of winning the coming 2008 general elections irrespective of his age (80) asserted that in terms of the GCPP, they can harness up to $814 billion target in the national budget adding that with the support of a consortium he would implement his dream come 2009 after he has won the mandate of the electorate.

He said “I don’t want to be president I only want the mandate to work my policy out.”

Source: The Daily Ghanaian Voice