Former News Editor of the Enquirer newspaper, Raymond Archer, has described the demolition of his Printing Press at the International Trade Fair Center as unacceptable.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Labels & Packaging Co. Limited and Colour Planet Limited, the court had placed an injunction to stall the demolition exercise, however, authorities of the Trade Fair Company Limited carried out the exercise without prior alert.

He noted that, he legally acquired the property, therefore, the actions of the authorities are unjustifiable.

“About a year ago they said that they wanted to redevelop the Trade Fair. We were happy about the news because it came to a point where we [tenants] had to bring light here and things were not the best.

Raymond Archer Demoli

“They then told us that in redeveloping the place we had to leave the place. But I pointed it out to them that we didn’t come here by our own accord; we applied for this land, you [Trade Fair] gave us permit and supervised the construction, so even if you want to redevelop the place, you must either include us in the redevelopment plan or alert us about the issue for us to evacuate,” Mr Archer narrated.

He added: “But they said they were not interested in anything, because they wanted us to leave for them to bring their own businesses here.”

Commenting on what he will do after the demolishing exercise, the CEO said, his legal team will handle the issues to see that justice prevails.