It is wrong to shake your car when fueling, that’s according to Transport and Automobile Technician with TopTech Transport and Logistics, Jacob Amoo-Mensah.

Some drivers shake their cars to allow more fuel into the tank, a situation Mr. Amoo-Mensah describes as dangerous.

“With the fuel tank, when you put in more fuel, there should be a space left for air to mix up with the fuel. The moment you shake it, it covers all the space, and that could spark a fire. Sometimes, you see people’s car burning, and they can’t do anything about it “.

Speaking on the AM Show on JoyNews Tuesday, Mr. Amoo-Mensah advised drivers to cease fueling the car when the nozzle of the pump automatically cuts, signalling the tank is full.

“How do I know my tank is full. When the attendant fixes the machine and locks it, the machine will run for some time and cut. When he comes back to press it again and it runs again, it will cut.

“When it cuts for the second time, you should know that your tank is full. That is not the time to shake the tank for more fuel to go in there.”

He said the act of shaking the car overtime will cause the fuel gauge to malfunction and the vehicle may break down in the middle of a journey.