Energy Minister John Peter Amewu has blamed the power crisis the country experienced a few years ago on incompetent management.

He said the ‘dumsor’ situation was not caused by logistical challenges or the lack of equipment needed to generate and supply power to the people.

Rather, it was an issue of “excess demand over supply”, which former President John Mahama was unable to identify and effectively deal with.

“Workers of ECG disclosed that, they had prepared a load shedding timetable to enable Ghanaians enjoy power at an intermittent interval.

“What that means is that, the framers responsible for the energy sector at that time realised that there was excess demand over supply,” he said.

The aspiring Hohoe MP made the comments during the Nation Builders Update on Thursday.

According to Mr Amewu, “there were a lot of generators available but there was no feed to drive power to the consumer.”

Dumsor largely affected businesses, as many of them (especially those who largely depended on electricity to operate) were unable to function efficiently.

The then Mahama-led administration employed a load shedding system to solve the problem in the interim.

However, the Akufo-Addo government says it has effectively dealt with the dumsor menace through the efforts of competent management skills President Akufo-Addo injected into the energy sector.