DCOP David Agyemang Adjem is Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister

The police in Kumasi are warning residents to be mindful of actions that undermine their personal security during the Easter festivities.

The command wants residents to avoid updating their location on social media as they leave their homes for Easter activities.

Deputy Ashanti Regional Commander, DCOP David Agyemang Adjem said such practices only provide criminals with the opportunity to perpetuate crime.

The warning comes as police deploy more personnel to ensure the safety of the public during and after the Easter festivities.

“People should be mindful of what they do especially on social media.

“People are traveling and they are putting everything that is happening on their timeline and so people know when you are out,” he said.

According to DCOP Adjem, not only would unsuspecting members of the public provide information to criminals, but would be exposed and become targets.

Speaking to ‘Luv in the Morning’ host, David Akuetteh, he asked residents to be careful when it comes to their personal security.

“When they are going out especially during this period that there are church services, they should ensure that at least, they get somebody to stay home for security purposes”.

The Regional Police Command also promised the safety of residents as they celebrate Easter.

“We are also going to ensure that roads are safe; also ensure that those who come to town to transact business are protected because we’ve put in a number of patrols; foot patrols in this regard,” DCOP Adjem revealed.

Meanwhile, DCOP Adjem is cautioning religious  bodies against flouting Covid-19 safety protocols.

According to him, only a gathering of 100 people would be allowed during Easter conventions.

“We are encouraging all churches and mosques and all religious bodies to hold their services but only for a maximum of 100 participants”.