The Electoral Commission (EC) says it will rely on a C.I. which is yet to mature in Parliament to allow students to transfer their votes from wherever they may be on election day.

According to the EC, processes for the transfer is expected to commence in October.

Minutes after news broke about the Commission’s decision to register students at the various schools, some political parties and a section of the public raised a number of concerns.

Some said the decision is a breach of the regulation governing the registration exercise, the safety of the students and the difficulty of transferring their votes.

But addressing the second edition of ‘Let The People Know’, Deputy EC Chair Samuel Tettey said, they will rely on nearby registration centre codes to cue the concern of breaching the regulation.

“It is the Commission’s mandate to ensure that every Ghanaian who is eligible to vote is given the chance so we will take all necessary measures for everyone who qualifies to vote,” he said.

Whiles touting the success of registering 3,442.954 in nine days, some 3,956 prospective registrants had been challenged at the various registration centres across the country.

“The EC is using the mobile vans to register students who due to the restrictions imposed on the campuses cannot go to the nearest registration centre to register.

“So when people say, it is against the law and that what we are doing is disenfranchising people, then they are wrong because we are making it possible for more people to register.”