ECG to use technology to reduce electricity theft

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has devised new technologies to easily identify persons and companies, who steal power in various forms.

Key among them is the Automated Meter Reading Concepts, which sends an instant e-mail to any ECG office when a meter is being tampered with.

Divisional Manager for Revenue Protection of ECG, David Asamoah disclosed this at a meeting with West African power managers in Accra Thursday.

He explained that “with the Automated Meter Reading Concepts, we can read all the industrial cost meters in our office. The beauty of it is that; if you do any tampering of the meter, it sends us e-mails so people can go there physically and find out what is happening”.

He blamed the over 22 percent annual loss of electricity on meter tampering, meter by-pass and direct connections but stated that with  the introduction of the technology, power theft will be a thing of the past.

The Divisional Manager for Revenue Protection of ECG therefore, commended the courts for prosecuting eight people for power theft this year, adding that it should serve as a warning to consumers, who find ways to outsmart the ECG.

David Asamoah was however happy the company was able to save 54 million cedis in 2012 through the implementation of the technologies and assured the figure will go up at the end of the year.