The 11th Edition of the Joy News Habitat Fair has been launched at a colorful ceremony at the Ecobank Corporate Head Office, an event that will provide a seamless platform for many prospective home owners to acquire their own properties.

The event will also provide key stakeholders and companies in the construction and artisanal industry the enviable platform to share their exciting ideas, and also offer attractive discounts on their products and services to many people who dream to acquire their own properties.

Launching the fair, the Ghana Real Estate Development Association called on government to pass the Real Estate bill.

The passage of such a bill it believes will sanitize the industry whilst supporting government’s affordable housing scheme project.

Executive Director of GREDA, Samuel Amegayibor, said Ghana’s affordable housing scheme is not a mirage and thus the only way to make the real estate industry attractive to all income brackets is when legislations and incentives are proffered by government and other stakeholders.

“If we have a real estate bill, a bill that will come to sanitize the brokerage system [efficient selling or buying of properties]. You know that so many people are being defrauded by estate agents and stuff like that.”

Mr. Amegayibor challenged the Minister of Works and Housing to facilitate the process of passing the bill of about 30 years to create a legacy of his own.

“We have a bill that has been promoted by our surveyors’ and 30 years we still have this document lying in parliament. We’ll pray that at least this parliament will see the importance of it and seal it off. Especially, I’m throwing a special challenge to the Minister of Works and Housing…this must be his legacy. If he doesn’t push this document to be passed, then I’m sorry we’re going back to four years, then we go to 34 years,” he said.

Ecobank outlines financial packages for prospective house owners

This year’s edition of the JOY NEWS ‘Habitat Fair’ is being sponsored by Ecobank Ghana.

Executive Director of Finance and Consumer Banking, Dr. Edward Botchway, outlined various packages for all income earners, which will enable many Ghanaians to own houses with ease.

“A good mortgage has always been key. What we’ve done is to put together products that would enable everyone to be able to secure a home without much struggle. We have put together all the stakeholders to facilitate the necessary documentations to assist prospective customers to acquire different types of apartments and mansions.

“And indeed you need not be a customer of Ecobank. Just walk into any Ecobank branch and we would provide you with the financial support to acquire your dream home with ease. So, this is something that we’re very committed to doing for many potential property owners,” he pointed out.

He went on to assure all Ghanaians who want to live in their own houses that his outfit is committed to helping many of them, and that the Habitat Fair is an all-inclusive housing fair that will facilitate their dreams of owning properties very easily.

“I think one of the things that you’ll find at Ecobank is when we pick a project, we go the extra mile and execute very strongly. And mortgage [housing loan] is the product that for us is dear to our heart; it’s something that we’re very eager to ensure that customers immensely benefit and enjoy it.

“So, over the coming days and months, I think you will see all the efforts that we are going to put into this specialized banking project”, urging all prospective house owners to highly patronize the fair when it takes off.

Background of the fair

The Fair will bring experts and industry players in the housing sector on one platform to proffer solutions for the housing needs of the country.

The event will give key stakeholders and companies in the construction and artisanal industry the enviable platform to share their exciting ideas and offer attractive discounts on their products and services.

From land acquisition to sale, starting to build, using the right materials, completing the building to paintings and fitting, the Habitat Fair will be a one-stop-shop for all your housing needs.  

The event is sponsored by Ecobank Ghana Limited, GHB Properties, DBS Industries Limited and Duraplast Limited.