Madam Sahada Humu, wife of the slain activist at Ejura, has told the Committee probing the Ejura disturbances, that her late husband, Ibrahim Mohammed, aka Kaaka, did not tell her about persons who wanted him dead.

Testifying before the three-member Committee Monday, Sahada Humu, revealed that the late Kaaka, rather, mentioned persons who threatened him for making the government unpopular.

“Did your husband at any point tell you the person who wanted to kill him, you said he was threatened. Did he tell you?” the Committee asked.

“Well, he didn’t specifically tell me that this person wants to kill him but he told me those who warned him to stop posting issues on Facebook else, they will harm him,” a translator told the Committee on her behalf.

Activist, Ibrahim Mohammed, was known in Ejura as an individual who fought for development in his community by holding government accountable. He shared on Facebook, videos of conditions in the community that needed fixing as well as lauding the government for fixing Ejura’s challenges.

In a video, Kaaka informed his followers that he had been threatened for posting such videos on social media. Hence, that would be his last video demanding accountability from the government.

After this footage was posted, the activist was assaulted in front of his residence on June, 26. On June 28, Ibrahim Mohammed was pronounced dead at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

Since his murder and the Ejura protest demanding justice that turned turbulent, three suspects have been picked up by the Ashanti Regional Police Command. They include; Issakar Ibrahim, also known as Anyas, Fuseini Alhassan and brother of the deceased, Iddi Mohammed.

Speaking to the arrest of Iddi Mohammed, Sahada Humu told the Committee her late husband and his brother had a good relationship.

According to her, a neighbour who informed the Police that Iddi Mohammed attacked Kaaka, initially told her, she (the neighbour) did not see who had attacked her husband.

“I was asleep in the bedroom. A neighbour woke me up from sleep telling me to come out. I asked her why. She told me that she heard the sound of my husband’s motorbike and after hearing the sound, she also heard other noises. I asked her what did she see and she told me she saw nothing,” she said.

She insisted that the neighbour did not see who assaulted Kaaka because “all of us went to the scene and we saw what happened.”

The widow, therefore, prayed to the Committee to invite the said neighbour to testify.

“The one who testified against my husband’s brother saying that he might have killed my husband should also be called,” she said.

Meanwhile, investigations by the three-member Committee consisting of George Kingsley Koomson, Justice of the Court of Appeal as Chairman, Security Expert, Dr Vladimir Antwi Danso, Juliet Amoah, Executive Director of Penplusbyte, a civil society organisation continues till Friday, July 16, when it will submit its report to the Minister for Interior, for onward submission to President Akufo-Addo.

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