Law Lecturer at GIMPA, Justice Srem Sai says the pre-trial stage of the election petition filed by NDC’s Presidential candidate John Mahama should be broadcasted by all media outlets.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Samson Lardy Anyenini on ‘The Law,’ Justice Srem Sai explained that coverage of the most talked-about issue in the country would foster transparency and clear all doubts in the hearts of many.

According to him, the law provides the Supreme Court with the mandate to allow the media to take coverage of court proceedings for the open trial.

“Even without the law backing the court in 2013, we broadcasted the 2013 election petition,” he added.

He indicated that after the pre-trial, a 5-day trial period will be executed and after which the court will take an adjournment.

The adjournment, according to him will enable the judges to consider the argument and evidence presented before the court to provide a judgement.

In discussing election petition laws and rules, Justice Srem Sai made mention of some stages that transpire in a Presidential election petition.

“The first is to file the petition. You have 21 days to file the petition after the results have been declared. When you file, it must be served.

“The second stage is the answer from the respondent. The respondent has within 10 days after they have been served to respond.

“It is not after the petition has been filed but rather when they have been served,” he noted.