Funny Face

Actor Funny Face broke down on live TV when he was asked about his twins and how they are faring after his break up with his wife.

He told Accra-based GHone that all efforts to reunite with his daughters have proved futile.

“I just want my daughters to one day remember that I did all my best to reunite with them and I have videos to prove that my wife did bad to me.

“My close family members know about it but I can’t do anything about it and the videos will be played someday to my kids for them to know what transpired,” he sobbed.

He stressed he is very emotional about issues concerning his twins.

Funny Face accused Lil Win and two other actors – Bismark the Joke and Kalybos – of stabbing him in the back.

He alleged that these actors had ganged up to badmouth him to his ‘second wife’ who has, as a result, bolted with his children.