Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) has added its voice to calls for justice for the late Lillian Dedjoe and Yesutor Elizabeth Akpalu whose husband and boyfriend respectively assaulted them leading to their deaths.

In a statement signed by the Executive Director, Joseph Kobla Wemakor, he said domestic violence which has become a pandemic needed to be condemned and the perpetrators prosecuted to serve as a deterrent to others.

“HRRG is aware that legal proceedings are underway thus we are calling on our law enforcement bodies, the police and the judiciary to prosecute and adjudicate fully and fairly on the cases, devoid of any form of prejudice, to ensure, most importantly in the words of Chief Justice Howard that “justice is not only done but is manifestly and undoubtedly seen to be done.”

Mr Wemakor’s comment comes on the back of news of abuse which led to the loss of lives of Mrs Dedjoe and Yesutor.

According to reports, Lillian Dedjoe before meeting her untimely death had suffered a series of abuse in her relationship by her husband Prince Charles Dedjoe.

Her health condition deteriorated and on March 6, fell into a coma. Lillian Dedjoe was then rushed to Lister Hospital for treatment but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Also, Yesutor Elizabeth Akpalu, who was a level 300 student of the Evangelical Presbyterian University College was rushed to the Ho Teaching Hospital by her friends on Sunday around 4 pm after complaining of severe chest pains.

Unfortunately, she died in the early hours of Monday, March 8, Volta Region Police PRO, Prince Dogbatse said.

According to her friend, the deceased exchanged messages with her about being physically assaulted by her boyfriend Philip Ceasar.

Mr Kobla Wemakor who is saddened by the demise of the two women urged victims of domestic violence to speak up or flee from abusive relationships.

He further encouraged Ghanaians not to shy away or look unconcerned when act of domestic violence are being perpetrated on others.

He also advised that citizens can choose to conceal their identity when making such reports.

“Let us all be the proverbial ‘good neighbour’ in the biblical story of the Good Samaritan. Speak up, and save a precious life. We are also urging the family and society to support victims and survivors of gender/domestic violence to regain their freedom, sense of worth, economic independence among others.

“It will be fatal to humiliate, disassociate, mock or prejudice persons who have been lucky enough to escape from abusive relationships and domestic violence. If we are to progress as a society, we should be careful not to rationalize gender/domestic violence in any form or shape,” he added.

The executive director of HRRG in his statement called on government to help provide adequate shelters, employ more lawyers and adequately support the Legal Aid Commission to provide effective legal support for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Mr Wemakor further expressed his sincerest condolence to the family of the two women.

“Following this very devastating event, HRRG wishes to express its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and loved ones of both the late Mrs Dedjoe and Ms Akpalu.”

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