Founder of ICGC, Mensa Otabil delivering a sermon

Founder of the International Central Gospel Church Pastor Mensa Otabil has urged Ghanaians and business owners not to give up the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

This according to the motivational speaker is because, the world will start to heal after the pandemic, giving everyone a chance to rebuild.

Delivering his sermon during an online service, Pastor Otabil highlighted that “with all the damages done to the world’s economy, and even the most established brought to their knees,” the ripple effect of the pandemic will be enormous but not something that can’t be corrected.

“The damage to businesses will be deep. The distortion and dislocations in our lives will be deep. It’s not going to be an easy journey so let’s not just think it will return to normal by the snap of the finger.

“It’s going to be a tough race. You are going to run and be exhausted. You will be refused bread but we’ll keep running,” he said.

He asked Ghanaians to remember that as the race and fight against the virus continues, endurance is key for surviving during the period and rebuilding post-Covid-19.

“We are going to be pursuing though we are weary. Although we have no bread, we are still going to keep running because there is victory at the end for us. I came here to tell you, you don’t stop running until you finish the race.”

Stating Stephen Akhwari, a long-distance runner who represented Tanzania in the 1968 Olympic games, to better drum his message home, Pastor Otabil said, “he did not stop running until he finished the race. He was not first, but he finished.”

Mensa Otabil stressed that life, including recovering from Covid-19 as a country, is not about who is first or second but about who finished the race and endured.