Africa was given a glance at the digitalisation future when one of its IT trailblazers in Ghana, Enterprise Computing Limited (ECL), reintroduced the brand with a relaunch event.

The relaunch was part of the company’s brand repositioning initiatives. It was meant to remind businesses of the brand’s commitment to assist with pushing business efficiency to new heights, with the help of the many facets of Information technology.

“It’s time to re-introduce us,” says Yvonne Acheampong, Head of Marketing and Communications for ECL, on the significance of the event.

“We’re going out on a high note! We want people to know who we are, what we can do, and what we believe in – as a forward-thinking African IT firm that is more than capable of producing world-class solutions!”

ECL is an African IT solutions company, headquartered in Ghana with a subsidiary in Liberia. They have developed game-changing, easy-to-implement solutions that use IT to improve business performance.

ECL consults on and provides business-impacting solutions such as Business Process Automation, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Backup & Recovery, Archival & Retention, among other tailor-made business solutions.

For ECL, which has been in existence for the past 15 years, this relaunch represents addressing the industry perceptions about the brand, reducing brand confusion, and building brand consistency.

In effect, it means updating processes and creating new collateral and assets.

ECL & Chill served as a launcher for a series of projects and events to help everyone embrace the new ECL lifestyle and better appreciate the major rebranding changes.

The relaunch event was held at the 3 Dees Event Centre, Tema Comm. 3. It included a variety of activities and elements to spell out the new brand direction, ECL’s new look and feel, as well as develop team spirit for the impending brand refresh.

It was attended by invited guests and staff. It was interesting and entertaining, and it will undoubtedly have a lasting effect on all spectators and participants. We look forward to more innovative initiatives from the entire ECL team.