A Registered Mental Health Nurse at the Psychiatric Department of the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital, Ms. Nelly Mensah, says the facility continued to record high cases of epilepsy.

According to her, in 2020, the hospital recorded 506 cases out of 2,006 patients screened with 204 males and 302 females.

Ms Mensah said other conditions of concern included; Schizophrenia, Delirium and Depression. She explained that epilepsy was a chronic disorder that caused unprovoked and recurrent seizures due to some irregular activities in the brain.

Ms Mensah stated that epilepsy was a fairly common neurological disorder that affected 65 million people around the world with several factors such as high fever, head trauma, low blood sugar and alcohol withdrawal causing the seizures.

She intimated that commonly reported causes are the lack of sleep, illness or fever, stress, bright lights, caffeine, alcohol, medicines or drugs skipping meals, overeating and allergy to specific food ingredients adding that the rest are unusual sights, smells and sounds.