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ER Fashion brand wins multiple International awards

Grace Asibi (Left) displays her award.

From its humble beginnings in the informal fashion industry in Ghana, Accra-based Einstein Royalty Company Limited (ER FASHION BRAND), has re-positioned itself to become an internationally recognised fashion brand sweeping awards.

With quality service delivery, the company stands tall in the global fashion arena.

The ER brand recently received a couple of awards including the Style Icon of Excellence Award on April 30, 2024.

Its latest award was in recognition of ER Brand’s sterling performance in hand-made luxurious products to satisfy global demand.

This explains why the ER fashion brand was named among the top 100 Entrepreneurs in the Emirates Finest Business Awards in 2023.

The Ghanaian fashion startup ER Brand led by its CEO, Grace Asibi, is once again been recognised among the top 100 Entrepreneurs at the prestigious Emirates Finest Business Awards 2024.

ER, which has its head office in the Tse-Addo vicinity in Accra, has quickly made a name for itself in the fashion industry on the world stage through creativity and the sale of high-quality handmade bags and clothing lines.

Amid other global giants, ER fashion has competitively found a place in top global magazines such as BVM-Dubai Vibe Magazine and has raised the flag of Ghana high, and by extension the continent of Africa.

The ER Fashion brand's target market includes individuals with medium to high incomes, including millionaires, monarchs, and aristocrats, both locally and internationally with a vision to offer fashionable and aristocratic customized outfits with personal signatures.

Notably, ER aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to dress in style. Additionally, ER offers associated customized home and automobile interior design accessories at prices suitable for their customers' purchasing power and investment.

The recognition at the Emirates Finest Business Awards 2024 underscores ER’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the fashion industry.

Commenting on the achievement, the CEO, Grace Asibi expressed her gratitude and excitement, saying, "We are honoured to be recognised among the top 100 Entrepreneurs in the Emirates Finest Business Awards 2024. It's a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. We remain committed to providing high-quality hand-made fashion products and personalized experiences to our customers.

With its production headquarters, located adjacent to the VRA Club House in Tamale, she emphasised its commitment to delivering quality products and creating job opportunities through the value chain from raw materials to finished products.

With easy access to both the Kotoka International Airport in Accra and the Tamale International Airport, ER is strategically positioned to serve its customers efficiently both locally and internationally.

As ER continues to grow and expand its reach, this recognition serves as a milestone in its journey towards becoming a leading fashion brand in Ghana, the continent of Africa and the world at large.

The products of ER are multi-functional, multipurpose and a lifetime investment.

The top-rated ER classic bags, footwear, gowns, native wear, belts and other garments appeal with 18-24 karat gold, diamond-encrusted interlocking and hooks that can be used as collaterals or investments.

Some of the over-the-top custom-made bags, belts, garments and other apparel of ER are surprisingly functional, the embellished straps, rings, buttons and or zippers can be removed and worn as a necklace, earrings, and the beautifully shaped diamond on any of them can be worn as a brooch.

From the selection of materials to design and production ER delivers the most beautiful, fashionable, elegant and trending individual occlusion and customer desires.

ER has in stock the most luxurious top-rated quality brands like BAFFOE BONNIE and NABA NAA, a hybrid of the two or any luxury fashionable quality fashion and design products for medium to high-income clientele.

ER products line ranges from all types and sizes of luxury fashionable bags, all shapes and styles of native wears, royal regalia, executives’ suites, ceremonial gowns and luxurious garments for minimalists out there, to large overly obsessed and in charge luxury and fashion lovers.

ER offers custom hand-made products that are personalized enough to not compromise personal art, colour, shape, design, signature and convenience, yet bold and classical enough to still make an outstanding statement in the industry globally; while at the same time offering the usage dynamism.

From bags to native wears to royal regalia, to ceremonial gowns, to celebrity style suites, to all other fashionable garments such as belts, footwear, hats, caps, carpets, mats, cloths and upholstery, ER delivers the fashion and designer trends. ER products and designs on the products are structured elements that will add some shape to any outfit, from oversized hearts to medium-sized half-moons to twinkly stars and more.

An ER product is a perfect combination of the vision of modernity world leading fashion trend drivers bring with the timeless elegance of the world's top designers, expertly crafted by craftsmen and artisans. It is a unique combination of exotic skins, leathers, fabrics, robs, straws, wood, fine jewels, and precious metals that are just as luxurious as they last. Each ER product category (piece) takes at least several artisans and a person's painstakingly accumulated 100s of hours to complete.

ER products have swing day-to-day essentials in style with cassette cross body, glossy custom colour leather design features, micro-oversized iteration of the label's customer personal signature, ER weave, and detachable and or adjustable straps, rings, frames, buttons, etc.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.