An Evangelist and a producer with Accra-based No. 1 FM have been served a two-week ultimatum to settle a GH¢100,000 fine imposed by the Nungua Traditional Council.

Evangelist Prince Adu Asare was slapped with the fine after he and the producer made some demeaning comments on the radio against the people of Teshie and the Nungua Traditional Council.

They are alleged to have made comments suggesting that the Teshie and Nungua towns are plagued with witchcraft and a deity in the town called ‘Ogbee Sango’ who is responsible for curses and misfortunes in the area, thus, it was impossible for any business to flourish at Nungua as the founders of the town are witches and wizards.

Evangelist slapped with ¢100K fine, 25 white fowls, eggs over comments against Nungua Traditional Council

They further claimed that Nungua is the headquarters of all witches in the area.

Subsequently, the Overlord of the Ga-Dangme state, Gborbu Wulomo Shitse, invited the presenter and the producer of the religious show ‘Adom Mmere’ to appear before the traditional leaders to justify their comments.

In addition to the cash fine, they have been asked to bring five white cows, seven sheep, and seven goats, 25 white fowls, seven knives, and seven full pieces of white, black, and red calico each.

They are also to bring seven boxes each of schnapps, castle bridge, cloth Holland, as well as seven crates of white eggs and red eggs.

Osu Klottey and Naadu Wulom Numo Osikan Kpeneku said the items were to pacify and cleanse all the Ga-Dangme clans for disparaging and denigrating the people of the land.

But appearing with the program’s manager of the station, apologised to the large gathering comprising representatives from various Ga Dangme groups. They assured the council that the unfortunate incident will not happen again.