Everyone at some point has been a student before and has faced possibly the most horrible school moments in the examination room.

Do you remember asking that friend to spell ‘i,s – is’ forgetting you have already spelt it? What about that time you saw your friend write so much but came out saying he did nothing.

Did you forget about that graph you had no answer to and got the eye from an invigilator when asking for an answer? Or the time your eyes were filled with tears because the person who trusted to sit beside you had been sent to another room destroying your “formation”.

Do you also recall the time the invigilator shouted two minutes more and you were not even halfway through that first question?

Well, if you had not faced any of these and more you are lucky.

Its the beginning of a new school year and some twitter users decided to share some exam experienced in their school with new entrants. 

For Ben his midsemester exam was so difficult he had to intercept a cheat sheet and use to his benefit before passing over. 

Mikael he forgot his country’s national anthem and Roasted Banana said he had to cause a commotion when he realised he was sitting in front of the board alone with no one around him.

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