A family life expert wants government to institutionalize professional counseling units for intensified education on teenage pregnancy in second cycle schools.

Dr. Ernest Kwarko says the incidence, especially, of female students being abused by their male teachers on campus gives cause for concerns.

Dr Kwarko, a Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecologist charges school authorities as a first step to up existing structures and measures to protect children from lustful adults.

“Counseling is key in training young adults, second cycle schools should learn to develop strong counseling units. It is customary to find a teacher acting as a part time routine counselor”

Even if a teacher will be selected, that teacher should be professionally trained. Secondary schools and universities should look at permanent counselors rather than teachers who are made to be part time counselors”.

Family life expert calls for professional counseling in secondary schools

He explains the naivety of the youth can be cured only by responsible officials committed to high moral standards.

Dr. Kwarko who has been speaking at the sidelines of the 65th Speech and Prize-giving Day of Saint Louis Senior High School in Kumasi however, explains the onus lies on school authorities to counsel the young ladies to grow out of such situation.

“The feelings these young adolescents experience is just temporal, they are naive and usually do not understand their emotions.

It is time second cycle schools and universities invest in training teachers into professional counseling so that the benefits will accrue to their students.”

 Meanwhile, Her Majesty Lady Julia, wife of Asantehene, urged the students to capitalize on resources available to them to build a good foundation for their future.