For its sterling leadership in the financial industry, Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited has been adjudged Bank of the Year at the 2021 Ghana Business Awards held at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra.

The Ghana Business Awards is a prestigious awards programme that recognizes individuals and companies that play significant roles in the growth and development of their respective business sectors while recognising the key functions within those sectors that promote growth and sustainability.  

Fidelity Bank was awarded the Bank of the Year for its excellent financial performance, digital transformation agenda and its strong social impact initiatives which have positively impacted different sectors of the economy.

The Founder and Board Chairman of the Bank, Edward Effah, received the Business Meritorious Award for his outstanding and consistent leadership over the years in the industry, and the Bank’s Managing Director (MD), Julian Kingsley Opuni, was recognized as the Best CEO in the private sector for his introduction of significant innovations that enhanced the bank’s brand, reduced cost and increased profit.

Acknowledging the recognition, Julian Opuni said, “This award is dedicated to the entire staff of Fidelity Bank in recognition of our hard work and I thank the organisers for honouring Fidelity’s efforts and innovation in the industry.

“What we do every day—managing relationships while providing solutions to our numerous customers—is very important work and we love it. I thank the entire Fidelity team for always choosing to go the extra mile for our customers.”  

Fidelity Bank wins Bank of the Year Award at Ghana Business Awards

Other Industry Awards

As part of its vision to offer customers world-class banking, Fidelity Bank has been recognized by both local and international awarding bodies for its accomplishments, innovation and commitment to its customers.

This year, the bank has already won over 17 local and international awards including the following; Best Treasury & Cash Management Bank in Ghana Award from Global Finance Magazine; Best Bank in Ghana by EMEA Finance, Agency Banking Bank of the Year Award from Instinct Business Finance Innovation; Best Banking Initiative for Young Entrepreneurs Award from World Economic Magazine Inc.; Best CSR Initiative – Ghana 2021 Award from International Finance Magazine; Indigenous Banking Brand of the Year Award at the Marketing World Awards and the Most Security and Safety Conscious Company of the Year Award from the Health, Environment, Safety and Security (HESS) Awards, to name a few.

Fidelity has grown from strength to strength in becoming a world-class financial institution because the bank understands that its success is driven by the loyalty and support of its customers.

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