The Bolgatanga-Zuarangu footbridge has become a haven for robbers hence causing fear.

The footbridge which is over a tributary of the White Volta which runs across Bolgatanga and its environs, has been taken over by bushes and has no street-lights.

The road and the footbridge are both over the tributary. But the area where the footbridge is located has no street-lights and is covered with overgrown bushes.

Many pedestrians have been crashed to death by vehicles at night on the road because they chooe to walk on the main road out of fear of getting robbed on the footbridge. Upper East regional correspondent, Albert Sore reports.

Pedestrians prefer to walk on the road instead of the footbridge. The road has become too narrow for the increasing number of vehicles especially motorbikes. This results in severe road accidents mostly at night.

The recent accident is a woman who fell off a motorbike as the rider tried to avoid hitting a pedestrian. In the process, the woman crashed her own baby she was carrying at her back to death.

The footbridge was built for the safety of pedestrians but due to lack of maintenance. It has lost its value.