Lil Win and Funny Face

Comedians Funny Face and Lil Win have finally buried their differences and agreed to be friends and colleagues once again.

The two mended their relationship after a heated discussion that led to throwing blows during the live edition of United Showbiz.

Taking to Instagram Funny Face apologised to Ghanaians for “overreacting” during his encounter with Lil Win before they patched their relationship.

“Tempers were high initially…because I didn’t wanna pretend for showbiz,” he wrote.

The Cow and Chicken actor stated that he has let go of all issues he had bottle up and is ready to build the movie industry with his “lost and found brother” Lil Win.

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To everything dat goes up surely comes down …not been on good terms with my brother officiallilwin for a while .. but we smoked da piece pipe yesterday.. tempers were high initially .. cos I didn’t wanna pretend for showbiz … but later words from Councilor Edumata , @bullhaus and @iamamamcbrown settle tempers and we Kool together now .. big ups to @faddick .. daddy u really tricked me to come paaa .. u did surprise me with Kwadwo on da show .. it’s all good .. and oh Ghana 🇬🇭 pls forgive me if I overreacted is been series of issues .. but I have let it all out and am Kool with Kwadwo now .. United we stand .. divided we fall .. Now let’s bring GHANA MOVIE BACK to its glory days .. One Ghana 🇬🇭 One life to live .. live it and be real .. never pretend or fake 🙏❤️🇬🇭✊🕊 TO GOD BE THE GLORY ✅🙏

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He posted a picture the two of them took after they were donw with the show stating that “united we stand, divided we fall.”