The Founder and Overseer of the Christ Mystic Revelation Ministries International (CMRMI), Apostle Peter Kwashie Egey, has observed that the recent clamour for unmerited wealth by most people, especially teenagers reflected the failure of churches to positively influence Ghanaian society.

He said the church today has reneged in fulfilling its core mandate of shaping individuals to be morally upright to preaching prosperity at all cost.

Apostle Egey who spoke with Joy News’ Nestor Kafui Adjomah at Gbestile in the Kpone Kantamanso Municipality in the Greater Accra region said the get money quick by any means syndrome is as a result of the refusal of some ordained pastors to preach the truth of long suffering before victory.

“Look, these people parading themselves as workers of God, promising ever-smooth life are the cause of all these problems but they should not forget that the fire of God will come upon them soon for misleading the people,” he stated.

He said the older generation has successfully conditioned society to believing that acquiring wealth at any cost was the ultimate adding “that is why teenagers are doing all kinds of things including killing others to get rich”.

According to Apostle Egey, true men and women of God should be interested in spreading the message of salvation and the end-time instead of messages of prosperity, bearing in mind that everything in this world shall pass away.

“We must know that everything we are clamouring for on this earth shall never be taken the grave so why are we destroying our generation with the get rich quick syndrome?” he questioned.

The Founder and Overseer of the Christ Mystic Revelation Ministries International therefore urged churches to refocus their attention on speaking against immorality especially ill-gotten wealth.

“We the church should not feel arrogant to accept the fact that we have failed the society and needed to do things differently, such as telling our congregants that God Almighty will never accept ill-gotten money as an offering,” Apostle Egey said.

He further challenged the Ghanaian society to also try hard and de-emphasize the glorification of wealth irrespective of the source, stressing “we have to make the new generation understand that it is alright to be wealthy but all the luxurious things will be left behind the very day death knocks at their doors”.