Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) says it has, through a court order, taken over the Management of Achimota Preparatory School after armed police officers stormed the facility afternoon to enforce a court order.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of GES in the Greater Accra Region, Peter Abledu Golden said the final takeover brings to an end a protracted legal tussle between the parties.

He is assuring qualified teachers at the school that they will be recruited by the GES with students no longer paying fees as it will be run as a fully public institution.

The Service said all members of staff with the required qualification will be recruited by the GES.

The Ghana Education Service in a statement clarified that the takeover of the school land and premises “follows a court ruling by an Accra High Court in March 2020 after it ruled in favour of the GES and the Achimota School against the management of the Achimota Preparatory School.”

The GES added that it is justified to take over the land and building because the Achimota Preparatory School was started by some expatriates during the colonial era.

The School was established for their children, staff of Achimota School, and the University College of Gold Coast.

The statement continued to say, over time, the expatriates left the management of the school in the hands of locals who from time to time formed a management committee to run the school as a private institution.