The Ghana Football Association (GFA)’s Judicial and other key Committees will begin meetings online as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With all competitions indefinitely suspended and the GFA Secretariat still closed to the general public, some Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees have been unable to hold regular meetings.

The Association has however agreed to allow the key Committees to hold online meetings on various pertinent issues.

In this regard, Clubs, Players, Officials, Intermediaries, licensed Match Agents are duly notified that applications can be made to the Player Status Committee and all Judicial Bodies (Disciplinary Committee, Ethics Committee, and Appeals Committee) in accordance with the GFA Statutes and Regulations.

Clubs, Players Officials, Intermediaries, License Match Agents are to note that their right to a hearing before the judicial bodies and the Player Status Committee of the GFA is expressed by the filing of a Statement of Case, a Statement of Defence, all written applications and any evidence given before the said bodies and committees.

Accordingly, representations made through Statements shall be deemed final and conclusive of the factual and legal basis of their cases.

Payment of appropriate filing fees is to be made through the GFA’s official MTN Mobile Money Number and all applications should be made via email quoting the reference number of the matter/case.

Should a Committee decide that parties require a personal hearing, the Committee’s sitting will be held through a video conferencing platform (Zoom etc.)