Samson Deen

With the clock already ticking for the preparations to host the 2023 Africa Games, the President of the Ghana Paralympic Committee Samson Deen wants the government of Ghana to also focus on athlete preparation.

Deen wants the government to also devote resources towards the preparation of para-athletes and able body athletes for the events to ensure the nation also wins the event.

“While we build the infrastructure, we must also ensure that we are getting our athletes and para-athletes ready so we can host and win,” he told Joy Sports Link host Nathaniel Attoh

The government of Ghana will, among many other things, construct a 50,000-seater Olympic Stadium for the Games.

“We need to prepare and have the facilities in place. Having facilities for para-sports for instance will be simple because we have a lot of halls in Ghana.

Most are indoors with the exception of athletics which is outdoor. Some of the athletes will need some special equipment like wheelchairs and others for the outfield programmes,” he said on the Joy Sports Link on Joy FM.

“What is important is to make the funds available for participation in international events. It is the international events that enhance the performances of the athletes and also puts them on the world rankings.

The 2023 Games is a big opportunity and we need to take full advantage of it.”

“So we need to have a broad stakeholder consultation that must be regular between us and the ministry, parliament so we can take them through the difficulties we have been facing. What we have realized is that the funding has always been the challenge,” he told Joy Sports. 

The GPC President, who is also CEO of African Origin Travel and Sports Tourism, is also suggesting broader stakeholder engagement which will bring together the finance and sports ministries as well as Parliament it will be good. 

“This is what will help us develop our sports. It will also help us to make the President and the people of Ghana proud,” Samson Deen said. 

Last week, the President of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo inaugurated a nine-member, LOC for the organization and execution of the 2023 Games.

The Ghana Paralympic Committee President, through a letter, raised concerns about the composition of the LOC which had no representation from the Paralympic movement. This was later rectified by the Sports Ministry with the provision of one new slot.