A group of lawyers have charged the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) to redeem what they call the “sinking image” of the union.

The lawyers argue that the legal profession has become a pale shadow of itself.

In an open letter to the Bar, the lawyers observed that the indolence of the association has paved the way for illegality, abuse of rights and injustice to fester.

The letter signed by about 30 legal professionals suggests that “confidence in the GBA is at its lowest; and the reputation of the GBA as a vanguard of truth, justice and accountability has lost its shine.”

The letter comes as the GBA holds its annual conference at Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region.

The September 13, statement explained that though learned citizens occupy high positions across the country, “to whom much is given, much is expected.”

“Gradually, over the course of our longest democratic era, we are pained to see that the Ghana Bar Association has lost the fire in its belly and its role as the guardian of the little person.”

“The moral weight of its history now stands devalued by successive leaderships that have given the Association little sense of purpose or direction.”

The lawyers, however, want a conscious effort to be made towards restoring the spirit of the profession in the country.

“By this open letter, we are awakening all that is good in the legal profession and the Ghana Bar Association.

“We are calling on the moral conscience of us all in this profession and the Ghana Bar Association to do more. To sustain our democracy, we cannot abdicate our responsibility nor shirk our duty,” the lawyers added.

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