The Ghana Library Authority (GhLA), an agency under the Education Ministry has partnered with Absa Bank Ghana to open application for Ghanaians to benefit from the e-learning platform on Work and Entrepreneurship developed by the bank.

As part of measures to scale its digital learning opportunities for Ghanaian youth,

The project which is targeted to benefit 10,000 youth by December 2021 affords participants to enroll and be certified under four-course modules, including; Money Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills, People Skills and Work Skills.

Speaking at an event to open the application in Accra, Hayford Siaw, the CEO of the Authority said, “They have been at forefront of connecting Ghanaians to Massive Open Online learning platforms (MOOCs platforms).

“The platform has so far benefited over 40,000 youth with skills and job opportunities after completing various courses”.

He further stated that the collaboration with Absa Bank Ltd is to scale up the opportunity to the Ghanaian youth and provide skills capable of enabling anyone who completes the course to be ready for the world of work.

Ghana Library and Absa Bank opens application for ReadytoWork e-learning project

He expressed his gratitude to Absa Bank Ghana by saying, “Absa is one of the few corporate institutions in Ghana supporting GhLA to provide lifelong learning opportunities for Ghanaian youth.”

The Director of Marketing and Corporate Relations at Absa Bank Ghana, Nana Essilfuah Tamakloe stated that “In the last 10 years, Absa has put in a lot of several interventions to support our youth so they can achieve success in life because we believe as a bank that the youth are the future leaders of this economy; we have offered several scholarships to the youth within Ghana and outside Ghana.”

“Recently in the last five years, we have introduced a proprietary online learning program called the ReadytoWork. In modern times, the talk about soft skills is on the rise, and the ability to hone your soft skills is very critical to the success of any young person entering the world of work or being an entrepreneur,” she added.

She further expressed her delight in the partnership between Absa Bank Ghana and the Ghana Library Authority to connect 10,000 Ghanaians to this opportunity in the first cohort.

Eligible persons from 16 to 35 years can apply via before September 30, 2021.

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