Vice-Chancellor of the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Professor John Owusu Gyapong has predicted more hikes in Ghana’s Covid-19 case count.

According to the Professor of Epidemiology, the country’s current Covid-19 situation [per data provided] does not indicate that it has reached its peak yet.

“The data that I have had the privilege of looking at; that is, data from the Volta and Oti regions, which I’ve  been following up on in a very  systematic way, I don’t think we have hit the plateau and we are now coming down yet,” he said Sunday on Beyond the Lockdown.

As Ghana continues to record more cases, there have been arguments that the country has hit its plateau.

The country has recorded 27,667 cases with 23,249 recoveries and 148 deaths.

But Prof. Owusu Gyapong said Ghana is more likely to see another surge in the current situation.

“There have been, from the data that we have seen some two spikes and as to how the wave is going to go over the period of time, nobody can actually tell.

“We started testing at the end of April, and our numbers were pretty low; under 10 cases per day. And sometime, at the beginning of June the numbers started going up, then it came down again and then it started going up again,” he said.

He also indicated that the country must invest in research in order to adapt to the virus, as expects have advised that “we learn to live with the virus”.

“There’s a kind of wave at least from this area which I believe is a reflection of what is going on in the country, if we had the opportunity to interrogate the data in the entire country, we may probably find something very similar there. But the truth of the matter is that we are still learning how the virus behaves,” he said.