A lecturer at the Department of Accounting and Finance of the University of Cape Coast, John Gatsi has emphasized the importance of using Ghana’s pre-existing human capacity to build capacity and strengthen sectors within the economy.

John Gatsi was responding to the practices of Global Training Consult (GTC) within Ghana on Joy News Current Affairs Program PM:express . He said rather than using institutions such as these to build Ghana’s capacity, Ghana must implement its own human capacity and skills.

Paula Nicholson, Associate Director of GTC, however explained that as a philosophy and purpose, the international institution GTC strives to provide emerging economies with the necessary tools to help them build capacity within their own country and help sectors such as energy, utilities, infrastructure and housing.

“All of our programs are about career development and about building capacity, so what we do is we use consultants to facilitate those training programs,” Nicholson said, making a point to define the institution as non-academic.

According to Nicholson GTC is not there to teach, but rather enhance soft skills such as leadership in order for people to effectively build capacity within their country.

GTC uses case studies from other countries and institutions, both successful and unsuccessful, to provide leaders with examples of what could potentially be successful in their country.

Gatsi, however responded to this by stating that “as a nation we have reached a point where we need to use the human capacity that we have built.”
Rather than implementing programs such as GTC, he firmly believes that Ghanaians already have the skills necessary for success but fail to implement them.

“We need sectors within the economy that contribute hugely to GDP growth in the country,”, insisting however that he recognizes the importance of innovation and education in order to build the nation’s economy.