The new Australia High Commissioner to Ghana, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia, and other four West African countries says Ghanaians are more enterprising and entrepreneurial than Australians. 

“I think Ghanaians are probably better entrepreneurs than Australians. Here in Ghana, people have to rely on the local economy to get things done because Ghana is a developing country, but Australia is a developed and rich country with strong financial securities.

“I see people working everywhere, selling fruits on top of their head, selling mobile phones, selling shoes to be self-reliant,” he told Fred Duhoe.

Expressing his admiration for the local small and medium enterprises in Ghana, Gregory Andrews indicated that his love for African fabrics and food is on a different scale.

Most of his social media posts are deliberately posted via the High Commission’s account in order to promote petty traders.

Gregory Andrews said he believes the local SMEs are a more powerful driver of Ghana’s economic growth than foreign aid.

He is therefore optimistic about Ghana’s economy and believes the President’s agenda of a “Ghana Beyond Aid” is very ambitious and attainable in the near future.