Global Secure Solutions has announced its partnership with Cloud Range, providing the first cyber range simulation experience offering now available to customers. 

Cloud Range is a simulation-based cyber defence training platform that provides SOC teams with the necessary skills and experience to detect and remediate any type of cyber-attack.

Global Secure Solutions, an Accra-based international information security management firm that provides a robust menu of services, including risk and compliance advisory, enterprise IT risk assessments, and professional security services, has partnered with Cloud Range, which is currently the only company providing cyber range simulation training as a service. 

The Cloud Range solution helps partners solve their customers’ most critical security challenge; the cybersecurity skills shortage. As a partner of Cloud Range, Global Secure Solutions will now provide security teams with hyper-realistic simulation training on a virtual cyber range, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure and administration of a traditional cyber range. 

This unique service utilizes industry-leading security tools from Splunk, Qualys, IBM, CheckPoint, MicroFocus, Fortinet, Symantec, among others, within the virtual environment, thus allowing customers and partners to train in an environment that mirrors what they see every day in the SOC.

“We are excited to partner with Cloud Range at a time when organizations are beginning to realize the importance and fundamental requirements for the effective management of cybersecurity risk,” said Edem Glymin, Head of Cybersecurity at GSS. 

He added, “The protection of critical infrastructure digital assets has become an imperative in today’s global economy. This new solution from Cloud Range will ensure security operations teams gain the actual “live combat skills” and “combat readiness” in responding to rapidly evolving complex cyber threats which are increasingly targeting organizations in the Africa region.” 

With an acute shortage of security professionals worldwide, customers are experiencing more and more difficulty in appropriately staffing their cybersecurity teams. This shortage often delays or eliminates the purchase of certain technologies, leaving the customer exposed to further risk. Cloud Range has completely changed the ability to staff effectively by ‘manufacturing experience’ through simulation training. 

Customers can now maximize their investments in security tools, knowing that they can hire and train SOC operations staff quickly and effectively by training them on Cloud Range’s virtual cyber range platform.

Cyber-defenders are required to have the training and experience needed to protect their organizations, but industry certifications and vendor training are not enough to ensure they are prepared for live combat. 

Secure Solutions’ new partnership with Cloud Range will further help solve customers’ most critical customer challenge: the cybersecurity skills gap, which has a direct impact on every organization’s security posture. This new solution will ensure that SOC Operations teams gain the actual “live combat skills” and ability to practice addressing any complex cyber threat.

“We are thrilled to have Global Secure Solutions as part of the Cloud Range Network, as we continue to address the increasing global threat landscape,” said Debbie Gordon, CEO of Cloud Range. 

“Global Secure Solutions will allow companies in Ghana and throughout Africa to increase their overall cyber defence preparedness, while simultaneously creating create new job opportunities and help close the skill gap,” added Gordon.