Didier Drogba was struggling to put his finger on exactly why Arsenal can’t stop him from scoring following his latest London derby goal and Chelsea’s victory Sunday.

Assistant first-team coach Ray Wilkins was quick to point out that last season’s Golden Boot winner finds the net against every side, not just the Gunners, but the fact that Drogba contributed six goals to Chelsea’s five straight wins over our local rivals makes the question worth asking.

‘It is difficult for me to explain,’ insisted Drogba. ‘I think I might be at the right place at the right time.

‘Of course there will be a game when I won’t score against Arsenal and I don’t mind if I don’t score against them and I score other goals against other teams.’

The right place, right time theory doesn’t do justice on this occasion to his outstanding, pirouetting finish that put Chelsea ahead in the first-half, and he did acknowledge it was a special goal, comparing it to one he netted against Levski Sofia four years ago from a Frank Lampard cross.

‘I scored one like that before in the group stage in the Champions League but this one I think is much better because we went 1-0 up and then we could play a much better game.

‘We were not defending well,’ he said of the period before the goal.

‘We didn’t keep the right positions and we didn’t do what we were supposed to do before the game.

‘The second half was much better and the first goal we scored is what we were trying to do. We stayed in our positions, won the ball and played out wide to Ash.’

John Mikel Obi agreed with Drogba’s view that although Arsenal put pressure on in the second half, Chelsea were well-organised in coping with it.

‘It was a great game for us and it was a great game for the fans as well,’ the Nigerian noted.

‘There was a lot of pressure before the game because you know you are up against a good team with Arsenal and there was pressure on us to win being at home.

‘We handled the game well. Physically we were stronger and we can keep the ball as well as they do and that makes it difficult for them to play against us.’

Mikel explained he came off before the end due to managing the knee that underwent surgery earlier this year. Meanwhile Drogba’s goal celebration involved acknowledging Carlo Ancelotti on the bench.

‘Everyone knows what happened to him last week and it was to show our support for him.’

‘It is good to know that players now go away to their national teams with this gap at the top,’ Drogba continued.

‘We know that we are top of the league even if we had a difficult game at Man City but now we’ve won again and it is a good feeling to be four points ahead.’

Source: Chelsea.com