Noni Farmer and Puplic health Consultant, Jacob Eshun

A Noni Farmer and a Public Health Consultant, Jacob Eshun Jnr has urged the government to emulate China’s way of supporting players in the Agricultural sector.

According to him, systems put in place, in Ghana, to enhance the country’s Agriculture sector are not supportive enough.

He stated for example, that Ghanaian farmers are unable to secure loans to finance their operations due to high interest rates and other conditions that come with it.

Speaking on TheGhanaianfarmer Show on Joy Prime, Mr Jacob Eshun said, “the Chinese have set up a national bank and all their citizens who travel outside China to bring Agricultural products are given financial support from that bank with less than one percent interest.

“One Chinese friend told me that with the current rate at the bank, I should never go because I can never pay. It is practically not possible to complete payment of the loan.

At the end, they will take my project from me. He said the Chinese are given loans with less than one percent interest rate. So how do you compete with them? That is why China is becoming superpower now, he told host, Enyonam Manye.

Mr Eshun, a Noni farmer noted that because he knows that Noni had virus curing properties, he presented his product to Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research for testing, to determine whether the herb could cure Covid-19. However, the cost of testing scared him away.

According to him, efforts to secure a loan to pay for the assessment were unsuccessful since no bank was ready to finance the venture.

“I submitted Noni to Noguchi to test noni for Covid because from my research, Noni handles viruses and its capable of handling all the Covid-19 presentations. So I took it to them to test it for Covid-19 and they were charging me almost GH₵90.000. I took the letter to the bank. No bank was ready to help me.

“They asked me if I am going to give all this money to Nuguchi because of the testing, I said yes! That is what they requested so I need to pay.  But the bank refused to give me the loan because they claim the amount was enormous. I have gone to three banks and none is willing to pay,” he stressed.