Senior Fellow of IMANI Africa, Dr Theo Acheampong has urged the government to mediate and deeply understand the genesis of the secessionist attacks in the Volta Region.

Speaking with Samson Lardi Anyenini on JoyNews’ Newsfile, Dr Acheampong stated that approaching the matter with a military front is not the solution.

“I believe the solution isn’t really a military kind.

“If we only deal with the military side of things, mark my words, we will be down there in a couple of years discussing the same issues with the group launching more daring attacks.”

According to the Political Risk Analyst, there needs to be a deepening education to disabuse the minds of those who strongly believe in the reasons for the attacks.

This according to him is because, “People have been poisoned to believe that the supposed Western Togoland has never been a part of Ghana”.

Dr Acheampong said the attacks by the separatist group should not come as a surprise because the issues regarding the matter started in August 2016 and the years ahead.

From anonymous sources, he disclosed that the group is being funded by parties in Lome, Ghana and the Diaspora.

He said, the group would still push and advocate for their interests if state officials; members of the Council of State and Regional House of Chiefs fail to come to the table and address issues.

“The sovereignty of Ghana must remain intact,” he said “because the demarcation of the Togoland hosts other ethnic groups aside from the Ewes.”